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The XG10-Pro

Provided by DKN Technology, the XG-10 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer is an innovative new model of the high intensity vibration exercise machines designed to help burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve overall health in just minutes a day. With its state of the art 12G acceleration motor, 12 Pre-programmed Workouts, Silent Performance and Variable Frequency Vibration, the XG-10 Pro delivers powerful results at the touch of your finger.

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Your DKN Vibration Platform comes in 2 boxes containing:

- Vibration platform unit & hardware

- Exercise straps

- Vibration cushion

- Exercise chart

- Exercise training DVD

- Professional Vibration Platform Exercise book (Vol. 1)

- Owner's manual

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DKN XG-10 Pro Price:

Direct price from North American distributor in California: $4699 (US) 

plus shipping to Canada, duty and brokerage, and Credit Card Fees.

Exchange Rate Conversion of 30% (will fluctuate): $1,409.70

Estimated Shipping to Canada: $300

Credit Card and Bank Fee to convert from one currency to another (5%): $305.43

Estimated Brokerage Fees: $100

Estimated Canadian price direct from USA distributor:  $6814.13


Special Canadian Price:


(Save $1569.13)

Plus FREE Shipping (Reg. $200)


You can place your order by phone or e-mail, or meet us personally in one of our stores to conduct your purchase. We value the opportunity to talk with you and make a personal connection.

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